Roadrage Compassion

Theme of the month is to notice all the places you experience a polarity or occupy an extreme. How can we learn to embrace paradox, allowing many things to be true at once? This makes compassion much more accessible.

Example story: I was driving with my family down Broadway when a woman in a minivan pulled right into my lane as if I weren't there and caused a very near-miss accident. It was very scary and I was furious. What was she thinking? Was she trying to kill us? I followed her down the road as she made all the same turns I was making and finally pulled up at our same destination--our child care. She was one of the moms at the child care and had her three kids in the car with her! She immediately apologized, and said her kids were having a scene in the car and she was distracted. Suddenly, I had empathy for the same woman I had just hated. How many times have I been in the same position, driving while distracted and trying to deal with a kid situation?