Jenny is a very astute, intuitive, creative therapist. She is deeply compassionate and also direct in her approach. I am in a peer supervision group with her and have heard her over the years describe how she works with clients. I am often amazed at her depth and curiosity and how she contacts her clients in new and moving ways. She seems to work exceptionally well with younger adults and those going through sexual identity issues.
— Tory Capron, Psychotherapist and Buddhist teacher
Jenny is masterful at connecting with and getting people. She’s not just a deeply compassionate and highly attuned therapist, she’s also remarkably embodied, perceptive and wise. I respect her a lot as a clinician and as a person, and I highly recommend working with her.
— Reuvain Bacal, Psychotherapist and Men's Work Facilitator
Jenny is one of the best therapists in Boulder. She truly knows her field, and can move seamlessly between her gifts as an experienced clinician, and an attuned, body-centered practitioner. When there’s a client issue I need help with, she is the first person I call, and I trust her opinion and skills fully. Jenny gets my highest recommendation!
— Lucien Renjilian-Burgy, Psychotherapist and Body Worker
When you enter into a space that Jenny has created, you will notice clean, classical lines and things she has discovered and curated from nature—pine cones, wasp nests, twisted pieces of wood, bones—things that don’t lose their beauty over time. That says something about Jenny’s personality. She is attracted to beauty but she is not material. She is concerned with the bones, the underlying structure, the essence of things that may or may not be represented by the appearance of things. In other ways too, Jenny is full of gentle contradictions. She moves through the world in a mindful, peaceful way, yet she is also wild and spontaneous. With these gifts, Jenny effortlessly holds sacred space for you to speak and be heard. Her eyes sparkle as her focus moves in and out like a bird spreading her wings in the sunlight. She moves closer, spreading her awareness wide, catching unspoken subtleties, calling on you to remember and believe in your best self.
— Mica Graves, MA, LPC, Psychotherapist and Equine Therapist
photo by Jenny Epstein Kessem

photo by Jenny Epstein Kessem

Jenny is a gifted therapist. In addition to her professional training, Jenny demonstrates a natural ability to work with people utilizing the depth of knowledge that the body holds in regard to mental health recovery.
— Donna DelVecchio, MA, LPC, Psychotherapist
My process with Jenny is a journey that is difficult to describe but is doubtlessly the most profound therapeutic experience and relationship I’ve ever had.
— R, 52-year old woman
Jenny is a gifted and down-right amazing body-centered psychotherapist. Working with Jenny has helped me to more deeply be in the present moment with myself and my full experience, especially when uncomfortable and uneasy feelings arise. She creates a space that is warm, opening and inviting where I have been able to cultivate gentleness and kindness with myself within the range of my experiences. She helps me pause and truly listen to my body, my needs, my selves. I feel deeply heard and listened to when working with Jenny and would recommend her in a heart-beat.
— K, 29 year old woman