Issues I Treat

The  following issues include those I love to address in my work.  With each issue are some questions that might be helpful to you.

photo by Jenny Epstein Kessem

photo by Jenny Epstein Kessem

Identity and Life Transitions

How can I be true to myself and still be faithful to my beliefs, my culture, my relationships, etcetera? How can the unknown be welcome? How can I relax in the face of uncertainty? How can I tolerate being many things at once, even opposing things?

Relationships, Intimacy and Sexuality

Can I be true to myself and also be close to others?  How true to myself can I be?  How close to others can I be?  Do I know how to say no?  Do I know how to say yes?  What is my relationship to power?  What does my body want?


How can I accept the discomfort of anxiety and listen to the deeper signal it is offering?  What is my body telling me and how can I help it to regulate? 


Where am I stuck and what will allow me to make small changes?  How can I also accept my stuckness as a gift and listen to its wisdom?

Eating Challenges and Addictions

What is my relationship to nourishment?  What are my eating behaviors showing me about my deeper needs?  What is my relationship to connectedness?  What are my addictive behaviors showing me about my deeper needs? 

Integrating Overwhelming Events (Trauma)

How can I honor the survivor in myself?  Where am I overwhelmed?  Is the danger over?  Is it safe now to face what overwhelmed me then? 

Coping with Stress

What are my stressful habits showing me about my deeper needs?  Can I use more skills in self-regulation, accepting reality, assertiveness, and mindfulness?

Grief and Loss

Am I willing to surrender to something much larger than me, to a place where I am not in control?  Can I trust a process that is open ended?