photo by Jenny Epstein Kessem

photo by Jenny Epstein Kessem

Do you want to incorporate mindfulness and the body into your clinical work? Are you working on your hours for licensure? Are you interested in building a private practice? Are you a graduate psychology student? Is your clinical work bringing up personal issues you'd like to address? Are you developing your professional identity? If you've answered yes to any of the above questions, I can help you. 

The early years of being a therapist can feel like an arduous and labyrinthine process. The process is rich: a competitive job market, humbling pay despite your student debt, ethical dilemmas and many other frustrations and injustices. I find this process extremely rich and familiar and would love to be there for you. I draw upon my own experience to aid in your supervision, teaching you to learn from my mistakes as well as your own! 

I offer clinical supervision and consultation to individuals and groups, and love helping emerging professionals develop confidence in their own particular gifts as psychotherapists. I work with an keen eye toward the paradoxes inherent to the process, using them as opportunities to grow as clinicians and also as humans.

The roles of a supervisor include consultant, educator and therapist. As a former educator, I have an informal and approachable style, but I am also practically minded in terms of guiding you to make choices that will save you time and money.  

I can sign off on hours with clinicians pursuing the following credentials: LPC and LPCC, DMT and BC-DMT.

I am an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS), credentialed by the Center for Credentials and Education (CCE), and have studied supervision as a clinical specialty.  I have served as Adjunct Faculty in all three graduate psychology programs as Naropa University, where I specialized in teaching appraisal and diagnosis.  I have provided supervision in various agency settings as well as in private practice.